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Acesonic JB-1200 + KOD-800 Jukebox - 500 Watt System with Bill Collector
Acesonic JB-1200 + KOD-800 Jukebox - 500 Watt System with Bill Collector
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Acesonic JB-1200 + KOD-800 Jukebox - 500 Watt System with Bill Collector


The Acesonic JB-1200 + KOD-800 is the ultimate karaoke jukebox. This money maker is the perfect way to add karaoke to your arcade, bar, club, restaurant, office or bowling alley. Once setup, little maintenance or managing is required. This is a perfect machine for owners looking for rental incomes, expect to take in a minimum of $1000 per month. Everything can be controlled from the front panel. Users will be able to adjust music and microphone volumes along with key control. In addition, you can use the remote controls provided with the KOD-800 and AM-828. Selecting songs can be done in 2 ways. Users can punch in the song number or browse on-screen with the menu function. It's that easy! You'll be making money in no time at all.

In order to push out the power required in clubs, restaurants, or bars, this systems uses two 12" woofers which are combined with 4 tweeters, and 2 side-mounted mid-range drivers. The woofers are surrounded by neon rings that light up to the beat up of the music. All of this is wrapped up into a black wooden cabinet for superior sound.

At the heart of this jukebox is the Acesonic KOD-800. The KOD-800 can fully control how your jukebox operates from setting how much each song will cost, or all the way to turning the billing function on or off. When a user is not playing a song, you can have the KOD-800 play random video clips such as music videos or advertisements until the next song is requested. This Karaoke-On-Demand jukebox (KOD) comes with a built-in 320GB hard drive which can hold approximately 8,000 uncompressed CD+G tracks. You can upgrade the hard drive size up to 1TB for up to a 25,000 song capacity. The removable hard drive enables you to upgrade to a larger capacity drive in the future. The Acesonic VHF-8000 Dual Wireless Microphone system is included.

Package Includes:

* Acesonic AM-828 500-Watt Karaoke Mixing Amplifier with USB, BBE and Vocal Elimination
* Acesonic KOD-800 Karaoke-On-Demand Jukebox System with 320GB HD
* Acesonic VHF-8000 Dual Rechargeable Wireless Karaoke Microphone System
* Acesonic JB-1200 Jukebox with Bill Collector
* 16 AWG Speaker Wire 100ft

Jukebox roadcase is available with no hardware loaded for $1,999

Special Features:

* Define how much each song cost per play
* Show total ordered songs - For managing purposes
* Show total funds collected - For managing purposes
* Show total credit machine has - For managing purposes
* Turn random play on/off
* Turn billing function on/off


* Two 12 inch Woofers: 4Ω
* Max Wattage: 500W
* RMS: 250W
* Maximum Input Voltage: 122 dB/w/m
* Sensitivity: 92dB
* Bill Collector can take U.S. Currency of $1, $5, $10, $20
* Cost per song can be set from $0 up to $20 per song
* Weight: 180 lbs
* Dimensions: 44" x 29" x 24.5"

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