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Bliss Laser Light BL15 night sky effect
Bliss Laser Light BL15 night sky effect
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Watch as thousands of moving stars and nebula cloud move and transform overwhelming you with a calming blissful feeling. Pricing varies on this product - Call for your best low price! Add a new dimension to your parties, weddings, & corporate events

The BlissLight™ 15 is the smaller and economical version of The BlissLights™ 50 with lighting elements and holographic optical lenses that generate thousands of pin points of light which create an enormous "universe of stars" that will amaze everyone. The BlissLights 15 is designed for commercial and homeowner applications. The BlissLights 15 is used by Architectural Lighting professionals, Interior Designers, Lighting Designers, Contractors, Event Planners, Entertainment Lighting companies, Amusement Parks, Homeowners, Parents, Home Theatre enthusiasts, just to name a few. The BlissLight 15 illuminates such interiors as office buildings, hotels, theatres, museums, lobby ceilings and walls, Restaurants, Discos, Nightclubs, event ballroom and tent venues, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways. The lighting effect transforms any room. BlissLights brings forth a new lighting experience that creates a new standard in the lighting industry.

* Easy to install and simple to use: just plug it in
* Generates and projects thousands of pin-points of light
* Patent-pending holographic laser technology
* Transforms dark areas into a unique animated universe
* Features 2 built-In precision glass lenses
* Creates a one-of-a kind lighting experience
The BlissLights 15 uses a 15 mw laser module and is perfect for smaller spaces and hard-to-light areas.
The BlissLights 15 has a rugged construction, a multi-position mounting system, fan-less temperature regulation systems, and a built-in power regulator that is an engineering marvel. When combined with the lighting and optics, you get the BlissLights 15, a product that is incredibly ahead of its time.

You need to see it to believe it!

Video from a DJ using the Bliss Light 15.

Nexus Productions Inc.

Laser Classification FLPPS Class IIIa
Maximum Laser Power
(Single Beam) Less than 5 mw
Laser Wavelength 532 nm
Laser MTBF More than 7000 hours
Laser Optics Single source holographic optical element
Power Consumption 1 watt
LED Wavelength 455 nm
LED MTBF More than 100,000 hours
Power Consumption 30 watts
Power Input 110 VAC
Operation Plug and Play
Operating Temperature Less than 30°C or 86°F
Projection Coverage 25 ft. x 25 ft.
2.5 ft. of coverage for every 1 ft. of throw
Maintenance Maintenance-free
UL Listed Yes
Dimensions 4.4"H x 4.4"W x 7.4"L
Warranty 1 Year

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List Price: $995.00
Price: $665.00